Highlights of the 1st Annual Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Symposium

It started as an idea… Dr. Lewis J. Obi; pioneer in areas of plastic and cosmetic surgery, and founder of Pangenics Regenerative Center wanted to share recent advancements in collecting adult stem cells and the amazing results he and other peers are witnessing in patients that they have treated with adult stem cells.

And on October 16th and 17th it happened. 100’s of physicians and medical industry professionals traveled from around the country to attended the 1st Annual Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Symposium. The Symposium was held over two days and exposed attendees to the results that are being achieved with regenerative orthopedic treatments using adult stem cells, plastic surgery and fat transfer enhanced with adult stem cells, using adult stem cells as a therapy for joint conditions and a host of other stem cell therapies.

Beginning Friday morning at Obi Plastic Surgery, physicians were invited into Dr. Obi’s Ambulatory Surgical Center to see a highly advanced method of collecting and preparing large concentrated quantities of adult stem cells from autologous fat and the process of preparing SVF, (Stromal Vascular Fraction) used as a therapy for a wide variety of injuries and ailments, and to enhance plastic surgery. These techniques and procedures were streamed live to physicians in areas adjacent to the OR where questions and discussion took place.

After the live demonstration at Obi Plastic Surgery, attendees gathered at neighboring Memorial Hospital for a complimentary lunch and the main event were eight different physicians presented recent advancements in harvesting adult stem cells, how autologous adult stem cells appear to help patient’s heal, and a large number of case studies, statistics the culmination of data suggesting that a patient’s own adult stem cells are dramatically improving medical conditions such as osteoarthritis, difficult to treat injuries involving worn or torn cartilage and chronic pain, and how stem cells aid in fat transfer in plastic surgery.

After the presentation, a cocktail reception at Obi Plastic Surgery allowed attendees to discuss the information and findings that were presented that day in a more casual setting.

Saturday Morning Dr. Lewis Obi hosted CME training at his on site OR; the Samuel Wells Surgical Center. Physicians received training on the processes associated to collecting, (harvesting) adult stem cells from autologous body fat, the preparation of SVF, (Stromal Vascular Fraction) and the use of prepared stem cells to treat a variety of injuries and ailments.

By all accounts, the 1st Annual Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Symposium made great strides in exposing a large number of physicians from a broad range of specialties to the benefits associated to the use of a patient’s own stem cells to treat many different medical conditions and injuries.

Dr. Obi and his staff are already beginning to plan for next years event. Follow us here to keep up with the latest news and information on the advancements in the medical uses of adult stems cells.