Above Photo by Central Press/Getty Images courtesy of CNN. This image appeared in a CNN Post titled: Jack Nicklaus’ secret stem cell therapy: “I didn’t keep it private, no one asked me about it”. By Dr. Sonjay Gupta and Roni Selig on April 27th, 2018. Read the full Post Here >>

Jack Nicklaus Chose Stem Cell Therapy for his Chronic Back Pain

On Friday, April 27th, 2018. CNN posted a detailed article by Dr. Sonjay Gupta and Roni Selig about how famous golf pro; Jack Nicklaus chose Stem Cell Therapy for his chronic back pain.

The article explains how Nicklaus met German stem cell pioneer Dr. Eckhard Alt in December 2015. And how after a couple of months of his own research, was convinced adipose stem cells, (from his own body fat) may be something that could finally provide lasting relief for his aching back.

When asked about the article, Dr. Lewis J. Obi, Medical Director at Pangenics Regenerative Center said: “We were very pleased to see read the article. Particularly because the adipose adult stem cell procedure that Dr. Alt performed is almost identical to the stem cell therapy procedure that we are performing here in Jacksonville, Florida at Pangenics Regenerative Center”.

In the article, Nicklaus is quoted as saying: “I’m not a doctor, but I think that stem cell is going to change… the direction of orthopedics, totally.”

We encourage anyone interested in learning more about stem cell therapy to read this CNN article that details Nicklaus’ career as one of the greatest golfers in history and how he selected Adipose Adult Stem Cell Therapy for the back and shoulder pain he developed over his amazing career in professional golf.