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Pangenics Regenerative Center Patient Reviews

Stem cell therapy reviews from men and woman who received Stem Cell Therapy at Pangenics Regenerative Center in Jacksonville. We have also included stories and testimonials about adult Stem Cell Therapy and research taking place around the United States.

“This is remarkable how the hip pain and shoulder pain has dissipated, almost beyond belief.”

“I just wanted to say how grateful and thankful I am to have had the stem cell injections and procedure completed September 20, 2022. I came into the clinic with severe right and left shoulder pain that was very debilitating. Often times the pain kept me awake at night, and having to use multiple medications and treatments just to be able to rest. Additionally, my lower back and right hip due to a leg length discrepancy prevented me from walking over 2 to 300 yards per day without grimacing in severe pain and having to pause before I can continue my walking.

Since the stem cell injections and infusions to my R shoulder and R hip my life has changed remarkably. I have a full range of motion of both shoulders, rarely any shoulder pain at all. I am back to doing 50 push-ups, 5 to 10 pull-ups, and plank for one to two minutes daily and hanging free on the chin up bar for up to two full minutes. No pain whatsoever. I’m back to walking several thousand steps per day with very little hip pain and some low back pain. It appears that the residual pain is primarily due to core strength which I am working on weekly. This is remarkable how the hip pain and shoulder pain has dissipated, almost beyond belief.

I initially was overwhelmed with great joy, satisfaction and pleasure of having virtually NO pain. I had forgotten what it is like not to be living in pain. It is amazing how good (someone) I can feel when one is not dealing with daily severe, crippling pain.

A fun benefit that has occurred is that I had several facial and body moles, and skin keratoses that I was going to have a dermatologist remove and take care of. The stem cell infusion seem to have eliminated all of these from my body and from my face.

So, a huge thank you to Dr. Obi and his team for helping my life change. I have a hundred percent reduction in pain. I am back to and finding joy and pleasure in doing a multitude of physical activities again that were debilitating and limited for the past 2+ years.

My wish is that we could make Stem Cell therapy a daily occurrence for anyone experiencing medical anomalies that they wish to resolve. Thank you again, you all are wonderful.

Dr. Ken and Michele Johnson
February 2023

“I’m sooo glad I decided to have the stem cell procedure instead of a knee replacement.”

“I just wanted to say thank you to everyone there. I’m working in my flower beds for the first time since Easter 2018! I’m sooo glad I decided to have the stem cell procedure instead of a knee replacement.”

Becky Little
August 2019

“There was never a question in my mind that I had found the surgeon for me.”

“Sadly, we are not all blessed to have experienced happy memorable childhoods.  I am one of those unlucky ones, who bares tremendous agony over my childhood and spend most of my adult life trying to heal myself from the inside out.  It wasn’t until I met Dr. Lewis Obi that I was confident enough to know with his help that I could begin to tackle the outside as well.  All my life, I was self conscious, uncomfortable in my appearance and had little to no self esteem.  I would hide away from others and keep to myself.  Dr. Lewis Obi did not see that in me, he not only agreed to take me on as a patient, but dove head first into my case and made me feel special.  There was never a question in my mind that I had found the surgeon for me, it was ever more present to me when a date became available before my finances were in order, Dr. Lewis Obi never shuttered.  From the office staff to the nursing staff and the operating room, one experience better than the next.  Dr. Obi has an incredible caring way about him that sets your concerns at ease, his intelligence exhumes in all he does and his perfectionism sets him apart from all others.  I not only feel pretty for the first time in my life, but I have found a surgeon, a friend and confidence within myself all at once.”

Laurie Daskoski
April 2017

“I wake up with no pain”

“Dr. Obi. I wanted to thank you and your wonderful staff for making my recent Stem Cell Therapy such a great experience,  I am an active 63 year old who was an avid runner up until a year and a half ago. I had Stem Cell Therapy on my right knee for meniscus tears, and was in a brace for the past 6 months. My left knee locked up a few months ago and after intense physical therapy I opted to have Stem Cell Therapy with Dr. Obi rather then arthroscopic surgery. His procedure has a much higher stem cell count, was painless, and I was able to walk out of the office. No crutches or expensive braces were required. I resumed most activities after a few days and was back on my stand up paddle board (SUP) in 3 weeks and biking in 2.  I wake up with no pain and will continue to ease back into my activities. I am thrilled to be a participant in this study and hope the results will contribute to FDA approval.”

63 year old male.

“Super satisfied SVF patient”

“I am a 68 year old who had a full hip replacement left hip in 2011,as well as arthroscopic surgery on both knees. I have had multiple injections in both knees with the last injections in early winter of 2013. I was informed by my orthopedic surgeon that the effects of the Synvisc injections were diminishing and that I should consider right knee joint replacement. I SAID NO! I then made contact with Dr. Lewis Obi to see if I was a candidate for the SVF and had stem cells and PRP injected in May of 2014 The RESULTS were miraculous immediately after the procedure and with no down time. I am very physically active and was able to resume training in 5 days. At 5 months post therapy I am having ZERO pain or discomfort in my left knee and ZERO pain or discomfort in right hand. Right knee dramatically improved with twinges of pain and discomfort occasionally but nothing as severe as prior to the injections. As it stands right now the joints I received therapy for are better than they were 20 years ago.”

Bill Fronheiser

“80% decrease in pain”

“I am a tall very busy upper level 71 year old Chiropractor with bone on bone arthritis of both knees. My Orthopedic associates insist that I need bilateral knee replacements. When I first visited Dr. Lewis Obi 2 1/2 months ago I could hardly walk and destined for a wheel chair. After the first joint and intravenous injections of stem cells, my ambulation improved immediately. Since then I have resumed my active international travel schedule and working full time with an 80% decrease in pain. Dr. Lewis Obi’s licensed surgery center and Pangenics Regenerative Center’s team are extraordinary and I am referring colleagues and patients.”

Dr. Richard Labarre

“It feels like a brand new leg”

“From the time I came in, I feel 65-75% better. My left knee is 100% better. It feels like a brand new leg. My right knee underwent 3 surgeries and gout but is now feeling incredibly better. Dr. Obi did a great job directing the stem cells and I really do believe it will just continue to get better.”

R.V. Brown

“My pain level went from being an 8 to a 1”

“It’s just so amazing. My flexibility is better. I had Arthritis in both knees and now I have minimal pain. My pain level went from being an 8 to a 1 and now I can be on my feet all day. I’m very happy with the results and I am always referring this procedure to all my friends. I used to see other testimonials and say, “Yeah, right.”, but now I definitely agree. The pain was debilitating and now I’m walking my dog down the street!”

Mrs. Rebecca Simms | Jacksonville, FL

“My pain is completely gone”

>“I had arthritic problems with my left knee so I opted to see Dr. Obi for Stem Cells and I don’t have any more pain. I am a graphic artist and I could barely hold my stylus and now my pain is completely gone. I started getting discouraged with the pain, but after my second therapy with Stem Cells, it was completely gone!”

Mr. Wade Cantrell | Jacksonville, FL

“It worked GREAT!”

“It’s just so great. It worked GREAT! I had pain in my knee before the Stem Cells. After Stem Cells, the pain in my knee is completely gone. I am almost 85 years old! I do everything outside now and I love gardening!”

Mrs. Alice Hume | Jacksonville, FL

“This was an amazing procedure”

“It all started because of skeet shooting. My right eye began deteriorating so I went to Mayo Clinic and had left eye cataract surgery in September 2014. Thirty days later, I had my other eye done. I was seeing a little bit better, but I was still color blind. I’m 68 years old. I’ve been color blind my entire life. I went to the skeet shooting range and saw the skeets as YELLOW. Afterwards, I went to see Dr. Obi and had the Stem Cells done, (for a joint pain issue). The first 3 weeks after Stem Cells, I can see with 20/30 vision in my left eye and 20/20 vision in my right eye. More miraculously, I started seeing COLORS! I used to never be able to see pinks, and oranges, and purples and now I can’t stop staring at everything. We went back to the Skeet Shooting Range and suddenly the skeets were ORANGE! I can’t believe it. This was an amazing procedure and for the first time in my life, I’m seeing colors!”

Mr. Grover Burgan

“Results were beyond my greatest expectations”

“I am an active entertainment and sports attorney and until 10 months ago an avid golfer and tennis player. In December of 2013, I suffered a serious injury to my left shoulder which included a tear of the rotator cuff and a fracture. This injury made my life miserable until I underwent Stem Cell Therapy by Dr. Lewis Obi and Pangenics team member Dr. Orlando Florete. They injected stem cells into my shoulder and also intravenously. This resulted in almost total relief of pain and my ability to resume almost all physical activities. Prior to that, my orthopedic surgeon could only offer surgery and/or steroidal injections. Dr. Lewis Obi’s unique IRB based Stem Cell Technique delivered literally tens of millions of viable stem cells during a 1 1/2 hour procedure that required no anesthesia. Results were beyond my greatest expectations and I am grateful that I’m returning to my active lifestyle.”

Mike Ossi Esquire

“The treatment and response with my painful joints has allowed me to maintain my active life style without interventional surgery”

“As an active 71 year young, businessman, I have dealt with wear and tear arthritic conditions commensurate with the age of my joints. Dr Lewis Obi has been my plastic surgeon/hand surgeon for 20+ years. Earlier this year he and Dr. Florete injected multiple joints with stem cells and the therapy and response with my painful joints has allowed me to maintain my active life style without interventional surgery. The added bonus were the facial stem cell fat injections with long term results.”

Mike Arthur Thornton | Tampa, FL

“After 16 months I am still relatively pain free and with no limitation to my activities”

“I am 68 years old and have worked with Dr. Lewis Obi for 31 years. I have never endured any prolonged illness nor disability. In December of 2012 I sustained multiple fractures of my right arm and a torn rotator cuff. Still by the summer of 2012, the pain was an 8/10 with severe limitation of my shoulder motion. I was among the first group of orthopedic patients who received Stem Cell Therapy by Dr. Lewis Obi’s team at Pangenics Regenerative Center. Stem cells were injected into the fracture sites as well as the shoulder joint. Within several days I noticed diminished pain and soon after, my range of shoulder motion improved. After 16 months I am still relatively pain free and with no limitation to my activities.”

Carole Tindell | Jacksonville, FL

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