Stem Cell Therapy in Jacksonville, Florida

Advanced Non-Surgical Therapies for Painful Joint, Back, Hand and Foot Conditions.

Stem Cell Therapy for Joint Pain

Get Back to the Activities You Enjoy and the People You Love

Pangenics Regenerative Center is a group of highly experienced doctors and medical professionals who provide Stem Cell Therapy in Jacksonville for those suffering with painful joint conditions, spinal conditions and sports injuries.

Why Patients Choose Pangenics

  • Dr. Lewis J. Obi has been researching, lecturing and providing safe and effective stem cell therapy for over a decade.

  • Pangenics stem cell therapy is performed using the patient’s own live transferred stem cells, NOT frozen stem cells from an unknown source.

  • Pangenics can safely and painlessly harvest very large quantities of live stem cells, (up to 50 million) from body fat resulting in better results over other lower count therapies.

How Pangenics Stem Cell Therapy Improves Painful Joint and Back Conditions


Orthopedic Stem Cell Therapy in Jacksonville, Florida

If you are suffering with chronic knee, shoulder or other joint pain as a result of an injury, osteoarthritis or over use, stem cell therapy may be the answer. Learn more about how we help your body repair itself with your own stem cells and avoid invasive surgery.


Stem Cell Therapy for Spinal Pain and Injuries

Chronic back pain as a result of an injury or spinal condition can be unbearable. For many, stem cell therapy has lead to significant improvements. If you are living with a painful spinal condition or injury. Help you body repair itself with your own stem cells.


Stem Cell Plastic Surgery

Stem Cells and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) are allowing Dr. Lewis J. Obi to offer cosmetic surgery patients less-invasive procedures, faster recovery times and lasting results.  Explore Dr. Obi’s exclusive stem cell enhanced plastic surgery procedures.

The Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy
with Plastic Surgery Procedures

To assure patient safety, Dr. Obi’s plastic surgery procedures, even his minimally invasive procedures such as his exclusive scarless facelift and dual frequency laser body sculpting are performed in his on-site state licensed ambulatory surgical center. And Dr. Obi insists on the same patient safety protocols in regenerative treatments for joint pain and injuries, and arthritic conditions. However, patients who combine their regenerative treatments with plastic surgery procedures do not have to pay operating room costs twice and enjoy significant savings on their stem cell therapy!

Receive Stem Cell Therapy at HALF the Normal Cost
When Added to Either of Dr. Obi’s
Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures.

Stem Cell Enhanced Body Sculpting

SlimLipo Laser Lipo suction

The ONLY dual frequency laser that melts unwanted fat and tighten skin in the treated areas.

Scarless Fat Transfer Facelift

Scarless Facelift

Replace Lost volume in the face and neck, full lines and creases and return a more youthful appearance.

Stem Cells in Aesthetic Procedures

Dr. Obi contributed an entire chapter about the benefits of stem cells in plastic surgery in the first book ever published on stem cells in aesthetic procedures


Dr. Obi contributed an entire chapter to the first book ever published on the use of stem cells to enhance the results of plastic surgery; Stem Cells in Aesthetic Procedures. The chapter offers great detail about how mesenchymal stem cells can be harvested from a patient’s own body fat and used to improve the survival rates of transferred fat, reduce recovery times and many other benefits in the use of adult stem cells in aesthetic procedures. Click on the book image to open and read Dr. Obi’s chapter.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Dr. Lewis J. Obi, Dr. Kenneth Eaddy and the experienced medical staff at Pangenics have been helping patients reduce and eliminate painful joint and back conditions. And many of their patients share their stories about how the stem cell therapy they received at Pangenics gave them their life back and allowed them to avoid invasive surgery. This is Lee’s story about how stem cell therapy allowed her to achieve her goal of hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Why Patients Choose Pangenics
for Stem Cell Therapy in Jacksonville, Florida.

In recent years, medical research and development has uncovered the medical benefits of mesenchymal stem cells and demonstrated their value in therapies for a variety of medical conditions. The data from years of research, IRBs and patient results world wide is providing evidence of this.

There are however, many stem cell therapies that are not being performed under IRBs. One example is the use of frozen umbilical cord stem cells. In the U.S., providers of these types of stem cells are required to sterilize them with irradiation. This actually kills the stem cells. Over a period of several years, we have regularly examined samples of sterilized umbilical cord stem cells under the microscope, with a NucleoCounter Cell Counter and observed no live stem cells. Also, when we attempted to grow cord cells, no growth was observed. Other sources of mesenchymal stem cells such bone marrow produce limited quantities of live mesenchymal stem cells which translate into limited results when used for joint and spinal therapy.

The board certified physicians at Pangenics Regenerative Center are currently participating in IRBs that are documenting all of the stem cell therapies performed and the results for every patient. And these documented results clearly verify that the stem cell therapies we are performing is improving the joint and back medical conditions in the majority of our patients. And we are proud that after over a decade of tracking our patients, there have been no serious complications recorded.

The Correct Quantity and Type of Stem Cells is The Key

When considering stem cell therapy, it is important to understand, that our bodies produce different types of stem cells, and that different stem cells replicate and differentiate to repair and replace damaged and dead cells in different areas of our body. It is also important to understand that there are different ways of harvesting or gathering stem cells, some more effective than others. And quantity matters.

At Pangenics, our physicians use a closed and sterile 38 step process to collect a patient’s own live fat derived mesenchymal adult stem cells. This process allows for the collection and preparation of up to 50 million verified live stem cells from only 2 ounces of body fat. These mesenchymal stem cells are multipotent stem cells that have the ability to self renew, (replicate) and differentiate into a variety of cell types including bone cells, cartilage cells, muscle cells and fat cells. As a result, they are the correct type of stem cells to serve as a therapy for joint and spine conditions and injuries, and certain plastic surgery procedures that involve fat transfers.

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