Meet Dr. Lewis J. Obi

Dr. Lewis Obi, MD Founder and Medical Partner at Pangenics Regenerative Center is not only a name but a well-deserved title. With decades of medical experience and success working with adipose-derived (body fat) stem cells, Dr. Obi has established the Pangenics Regenerative Center. This center provides the first regulated quality care in adult stem cell regenerative medicine in the country. These accomplishments have not come easily, but through perseverance and hard work, Dr. Obi has become the MD and board-certified plastic surgery pioneer he is today.

At 18-years-old Obi joined the Marines as an aviation mechanic in the Korean War spending time around a MASH (mobile army surgical hospital unit), observing military doctors operating on soldiers who suffered horrific trauma. Then while at the Marine Corps hospital at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina Obi was introduced to plastic surgery. These observations inspired Obi’s life-time intrigue of reconstructive techniques.

Marine Sargent Lewis J. ObiOver the next decade, Obi embarked on his medical journey by enrolling in the University of Florida to study pre-med with integrated pharmacy classes followed by the University of Miami’s Medical School. There, he got inducted into the AOA National Medical Honorary Society and became a founder of the medical school newspaper, The UM Med Apprentice.

Due to a lack of finances, Dr. Obi reenlisted in the Navy and began a rotating internship as a Naval Medical Officer in the Vietnam War. During this internship, he exercised his skills in internal medicine, OB/Gyn, orthopedics, cardiology, and more.

After getting recognized as board-eligible, Obi created and established the first licensed and comprehensive plastic surgery center in the state of Florida. This facility includes the Samuel Wells Surgicenter, a state-of-the-art operating facility with a four-bed recovery room and overnight accommodations.

Due to Obi’s facility being the first of its kind in the state, there was no precedent when Obi applied for licensure. Therefore, he worked with the State of Florida to create the procedure manuals, protocols, and patient safety standards.

While Obi is not only a highly-accredited and experienced plastic surgeon, he loves to give back to his community by dedicating his services to those in need. This response includes performing pro bono surgeries which are not limited to America.

Lewis J. Obi M.D. in Jacksonville, FloridaOnce, when visiting Ethiopia for a month, Obi met an 18-year-old Ethiopian man, Solomon, with severe burns. After working with the US State Department, they arranged for Obi to bring Solomon to his clinic where they performed three successful operations. After living with Obi’s family and obtaining a permanent residence card, he worked at Obi’s clinic from 1987 to 2000. He now lives in Seattle.

Other cases of community support have included performing regenerative practices on war veterans and cancer survivors.

In 2017 at the Pangenics Symposium workshop, Obi was able to successfully bioprint a nose from adipose-derived stem cells, biologic scaffolds, living inks, and an affordable 3D Bioprinter. Due to this breakthrough, in 2019 Obi was able to construct a new nose piece for a survivor who had lost 90 percent of her nose due to cancer.

What is in a name, you ask? Years of experience, hard work, dedication, and extensive, forward-thinking research all within your Jacksonville community.