Pangenics Adds Advanced Stem Cell Processing System

Pangenics Regenerative Network continues to be in the forefront of efficacy and safety with the use of adipose derived stem cells. This year, Pangenics has sponsored four patient symposiums and four TV interviews. Another international stem cell provider symposium will be conducted in the near future. We will post details for this event as soon as they are available.

This year we added BSL’s new automated cell station (ACS). BSL is a respected South Korean medical equipment manufacturer who placed their first ACS system in the United States with The Pangenics Regenerative Center in December, 2017. CEO Lee will be at the Lewis Obi Plastic Surgery clinic this week to provide an in service session for Dr Obi’s medical staff. FDA approval for this device was completed in May 2018. Dr. Obi received approval of an independent Stem Cell IRB on July 26th, 2017.

The fully automated cell station is extremely advanced as it condenses the current process of preparing stem cells from a 36 step process into only three easy steps. Watch the video below to see how it produces Stem Cell Rich SVF from a patient’s own body fat.