2016 Boston Stem Cell Symposium

Dr. Lewis J. Obi will be the keynote speaker at this year’s symposium

Deep Tissue Laser Pain TreatmentPangenics Regenerative Center and Dr. Lewis J. Obi is pleased to be the First and Only Regenerative Center in Northeast Florida where patients can receive Deep Tissue Laser Pain Treatment for Osteoarthritis and painful joint conditions with the New CW HILT Deep Tissue Laser. Dr. Obi uses this amazing new laser as a compliment to Stem Cell Therapy and exclusively to improve painful joint conditions associated to osteoarthritis, and painful joint injuries.

No other pain laser is similar to CW HILT Deep Tissue Laser in that it has NO CHROMOPHORES AND PENETRATES DEEP INTO THE JOINTS AND CELLS. The photons strike the mitochondria within the deep cells releasing two chemicals that promote internal healing; Nitric Oxide and Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).

The CW HILT Deep Tissue Therapy Laser is FDA Approved for the treatment of joint pain because its 1250nm wavelength is able to effectively penetrate tissue, muscle and bone to reach deep into joints and stimulate the body’s own regenerative ability to effectively reduce or eliminate joint pain in the spine, hip, shoulder and other joints.

Dr. Lewis J. Obi

Dr. Lewis J. Obi to be a Keynote Speaker at this year’s Boston Stem Cell Symposium.

2016 Boston Stem Cell Symposium

Tissue Engineering and Bioprinting Faculty Includes an All-Star Cast of Top Academic Institutions!

3D Bioprinting of organs and tissues is a major frontier in medicine today. Dr. Lewis Obi will be speaking alongside the leading PHD researchers in the country at the Stem Cell Symposium in Boston on Thursday, March 17 -18, 2016. Other keynote speaker’s feature faculty from some of the top academic institutions in the world including Harvard, MIT, Cornel, Penn State, Mass General Hospital, Tufts, and Chalmers. Amongst his peers, Dr. Obi is the only private practice clinician utilizing these cutting-edge techniques in his plastic surgery practice. As founder of the Cell Surgical Network of Florida, Dr. Obi hosted the 1st Annual Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Symposium, which included a live demonstration and CME training in his on site OR. His leading expertise and clinical successes in the bioengineering of living tissue is a major contribution to the ongoing research of 3D Bioprinting. The title of his lecture is: “Clinical Applications of SVF and Tissue Engineering from a Plastic Surgeon’s Perspective: Past, Present, and Future”.