Joint Regeneration Instead Of Replacement!

Dr. Lewis Obi’s dream is gaining recognition by mainstream medicine. The titles of his presentations at the past five presentations over the past two years have focused attention on the benefits of 3D imaging and bio printing tissues including knee meniscus, ears, noses, aortic valves, etc. The cover story of the February issue of “Outpatient Surgery” magazine mirrors Dr. Obi’s vision of the future; “Lets Regenerate…Not Operate!”

The entire theme of the Outpatient Surgery Magazine article was on 3D stem cell meniscus printing instead of replacing the entire knee with metal and plastic. When asked, Dr. Obi’s response was: “It’s an encouraging trend”.

The next piece of the puzzle is to be able to characterize the stem cells into specific tissue lineages and to then expand the number of cells adequate to print these body parts. It requires approximately 60 million stem cells to print out one gram of knee cartilage. Therefore, trillions of pre-chondrocyte stem cells may be required. This is now clinically possible with the use of Dr. Lee’s Maxstem expansion/storage system. Dr. Obi has already completed all necessary training and is awaiting FDA approval of the Maxstem Expansion/Storage System.

Biofabrication will be the topic of Dr. Obi’s presentation at the SELECTBIO Symposium in Boston next month.

  • Hands and Feet

  • Hip Pain

  • Knee Pain

  • Sciatica

  • Ankle Pain

  • Sinus Headaches

  • TMJ Joint Pain

  • Joint Pain

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Neuralagia

  • And Many More

What is the Down Time?

There is no downtime. You can go back to your daily routine right after your treatment. There is also no preparation needed for this CW HILT Deep Tissue Laser treatment.

What does the treatment feel like?

The laser is infrared so it is invisible, a guiding beam is used to help us target the laser. We will move it over the area to be treated until the patient states that we have found the location where it feels warmest. We will then focus on that site. The patient will feel the area being treated get warm as the laser is infrared and heats your tissue from the inside, when it gets too warm the patient will let us know and we back the laser off until it is again comfortable. The warmth has a soothing sensation. We usually focus the laser on the treatment area for 2 minutes. During the treatment you will wear goggles to protect your eyes.

How many treatments will I need and how often?

You will need approximately 4 treatments to the affected area spaced over a period of 3-4 weeks. The CW HILT Laser has a cumulative effect meaning it requires a series of treatments and its effects on the body keep working even after the laser is stopped.

Is the CW HILT Deep Tissue Laser Safe?

Yes. CW HILT Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is FDA approved for the broad treatment of pain.

The Most Advanced Stem Cell Therapy in Jacksonville is Now Even More Advanced!

Pangenics Regenerative Center continues to develop and refine our abilities to provide patients with the most effective stem cell therapies available. While other stem cell therapy centers often rely on frozen stem cells or the limited quantities of adipose stem cells found in bone marrow, we have continued to investment in medical technology and improvements that allow us to harvest even more of a patient’s adipose stem cells from body fat; the richest source of living “Mesenchymal” adult stem cells, the stem cells that your body uses to repair and regenerate join tendons, ligaments and cartilage. We are now able to safely collect 5 thousand to 10 thousand more stem cells per therapy session from just a few ounces of body fat. And the more live mesenchymal stem cells helping to regenerate joints, the better the results for our patients.

When considering stem cell therapy, it is important to know that the provider you select is providing stem cell therapy using living mesenchymal stem cells and employing the highest standards in stem cell therapy. The stem cell therapy we provide at Pangenics Regenerative Center is performed under a national IRB where all therapies and patient results are carefully documented and shared with all stem cell therapy providers participating in the IRB. When you select Pangenics Regenerative Center, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that you are being cared for by a center that not only demonstrates the highest standards in patient care and efficacy, but does so by employing the most advanced and most effective stem cell therapies available.